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The New Generation
of 3D Dental CT
  • VOLUX 9 view
  • VOLUX 9 Side
  • VOLUX 9 detail1
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In need of 3D imaging tool?

- Use of Image intensifier ensures stability and integrity of the device.
- Enabling zoom mode, you can diagnose patients with high-resolution images.
- Advanced detection allows us to emit lower dosage than competitors.
- Presets allow you to take exact image you need.

Surpassing Image Quality

Provides stable, high quality image
Using proven technology of Image intensifier VOLUX9 provides high resolution images

6-way Seat Control

Our comfortable chair with 6-way power control will make it easy to get accurate scan

Short Reconstruction Time

VOLUX9 completes its scan cycle in just 8.5 seconds. This means you’ll rarely see motion artifacts coming from patient motion during the scan.

Operation Pannel

Easy and Comfortable
Touch screen operation panel and friendly icons makes it easy !
User interface a write it only

Lower Radiation Exposure

With extreme technology in pulse scan, develop the lowest radiation than for patient’s safety – reduced by half


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