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The New Generation
of Combination Imaging System
  • VOLUX 21 view
  • VOLUX 21 Side
  • VOLUX 21 detail1
  • VOLUX 21 detail2


One machine for diagnosis, surgery, treatment at once

- Affordable and Efficient All in One
- Easy Operation for all your needs
- In each scan mode, able to scan with no movement of sensor
- Face to Face way and providing convenient patient positioning
- With advanced engineering, it offers the highest diagnosis condition
- Easy to install with any X-Ray room

Surpassing Image Quality

High Capacity FOV 14.5 x 9.2
Sectional to Full view, providing high image quality
Now get ready with combination dental imaging system,
Panorama and CT, All in One – Affordable and Efficient

MAR (Metal Artifact Reduction)

The world first, metal artifact reduction applied – give accurate image quality

Lower Radiation Exposure

With extreme technology in pulse scan, develop the lowest radiation than for patient’s safety – reduced by half


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