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ENT Exposure mode
- Exposure Sinus, Temporal Bone, and Airway
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Support Best 3D stereo-scopic image

CMOS sensor, core technology of 3D CT, is able to show in three-dimensions of shadowy body parts. So it is possible to do clear image diagnosis and helps patients understanding before surgery.

Able to select various field of FOV

Able to select the FOV each body part by minimizing radiation dose. Users can acquire optimized images for surgery and diagnosis.

Exposure support for accurate diagnosis

Multi-FOV selection : Selection of suitable FOV, optimized image. Able to exposure in 7.7 sec. by reducing radiation dose The differentiation of design structure makes stable exposure.

Innovative low dose technology

Exclusive usage of ENT 3D CT is focused on Sinus, Temporal bone, airway exposure mode and accurate diagnosis. With the best 3D image realization, it provides high definition of images than previous model. Also innovation technology considered patient safety by reducing the radiation dose.


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